CNC Vertical Machining Center

V20 / V25

the biggest range of all Quick-TECH milling centers

Machining of workpieces up to 2500 x 850 x850mm is possible with V20/V25. With Mitsubishi CNC-Control, 3 axes equipped with 40mm diameter C3 class high precision ballscrews, 8,000 r.p.m as well as a tool storage capacity of 24 tools the machine features outstanding equipment and high quality.


Machine Type V20 V25
Spindle Speed 250-8000pm
Spindle Type BT-40 / BT-50 (OPTION)
Spindle Shaft Hardness HRC58-62 °
Spindle Orientation Encoder
Spindle Power 15KW Servo Spindle Motor
Clamping Force 350-400KG
Table Dimension 2300mm x 750mm 2800mm x 750mm
Work area 2000mm x 850mm 2500mm x 850mm
Max. Loading Capacity 1800Kg
Spindle Nose to Table 100mm-810mm
Spindle Center to Colum 850mm
Table Surface to Floor 1150mm
T-Slot 18mm x 100mm x 6
X / Y / Z axis Travel 2000mm / 850mm / 710mm 2500mm / 850mm / 710mm
X / Y / Z axis Rapid Speed 20M/min
X / Y / Z axis Servo motor Mitsubishi AC Servo3.5KW
Cutting Feed 0050-6000 rpm
Axis Transmission Belt Drive
Balls screw Diameter 50mm
Accuracy C3
Command Position 0.001mm
Repeatability 0.005mm
ATC Type Armless / Arm Type  (OPTION)
Number of tools 24tools
Tool Selection Random
Tool Changing Time 2sec
Tool Size (Dia x Length) 100mm x 250mm
Max. Tool Weight 7Kg
Lubrication Type AUTO
Position of Lubrication Slide Way&Ball Screw
Lubricator Tank 2Liters
Cycle time of Lubrication 15min
Lubricator Power 120W
Machine Length/Width/Height 4000mm/3000mm/3150mm 4500mm/3000mm/3150mm
Machine Weight 9450kg 9800kg


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